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Gaggia Classic Shower Screen

Gaggia Classic Shower Screen

R 69.00

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A shower screen is a part you probably don't think about a lot while you're pulling your espresso shots, but when things start to taste funny and extractions start to go awry, it should be one of the first things your mind goes to! A shower screen or dispersion screen serves a few purposes. Among the most important are evenly dispersing water over your coffee puck, and protecting your group head from anything going up into it that shouldn't.

Of course, coffee is oily, sticky stuff, and with time, shower screens will get dirty and even damaged. If you're regularly backflushing and cleaning your group head (and of course you are, right?!) this shouldn't happen too quickly, but after a year or so, you may find that your shower screen needs a replacement.

This replacement shower screen is designed to work with the Gaggia Classic Pro Home Espresso Machine as well as other Gaggia machines. It may look slightly different from the original, but it does the job just as well. It measures 55mm and screws straight into the group head. It should your Gaggia Classic a new lease on life.

We would recommend replacing your shower screen if:

  • You see evidence of poor water dispersion
  • You see physical damage to the screen
  • You see coffee gunk that you just can't remove

Having said that, giving it a good clean or a soak in some coffee cleaning detergent may make your existing shower screen last for a bit longer.

Gaggia Shower Screen specifications

  • 55mm diameter
  • 5.2mm holes