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Gaggia Classic With Presso PID & OPV

Gaggia Classic Ultimate Modded Edition (PID & OPV)

R 12,895.00

Please note that this item may take up to 1 week to dispatch

The Gaggia Classic has rapidly become our most popular home espresso machine, following a trend you'll observe worldwide. This latest edition of the classic home espresso machine, originally released in 1991, is just what you need to get started on your espresso journey. It has all the basics you might need, including standard size, 58mm components, and a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Out of the box, the Gaggia Classic is relatively basic. There's nothing stopping you from making a delicious cup of coffee with it, but some owners have taken to making a few modifications to make the Gaggia Classic even better. That's why we're excited to be able to offer you this ultimate edition, incorporating the most popular modifications available, so that you can just open up the box and get to making coffee. Even better, these modifications are fitted by the South African Gaggia agents, meaning that the quality of work is guaranteed, and your 1-year warranty remains intact.

Gaggia Classic Ultimate Modification 1: OPV

Out of the box, the Gaggia Classic's pressure can be higher than the industry-standard 9-bar. If you really want to perfect your espresso extractions, dialling down the pressure at the group head should be helpful. This can be achieved by swapping the factory-fitted over-pressure-valve (OPV) with a modified version, ensuring that your Gaggia does its thing at 9-bar, just like the real pros.

Gaggia Classic Ultimate Modificaiton 2: PID

Espresso is all about consistency, and one of the most important variables for consistent espresso extraction is consistent temperature. Most single-boiler, thermoblock machines, like the Gaggia Classic, will experience some variation in temperature at the group head. This can be controlled manually with some purging and timing, but true temperature stability is achieved by the use of a PID (proportional integral derivative) temperature controller. Higher-end machines sometimes come with one of these factory-fitted, but entry-level machines typically do not.

As part of this ultimate bundle, the Gaggia will be fitted with an external PID controller with white LEDs, easy to configure and use. It will allow you to maintain a more consistent temperature, but also to set the temperature at the boiler and experiment with different extraction temperatures.

What's included in the Gaggia Classic Ultimate Modded Edition bundle

In this bundle, you will receive everything you would normally receive with a Gaggia Classic, plus:

  • A pre-fitted OPV 9-bar valve
  • A pre-fitted PID controller with white LEDs

Please note that these modified Gaggia Classics are assembled to order, so please allow up to a week to dispatch. We may have some pre-built units in stock, but we would encourage you to enquire first if you definitely need the machine sooner. Please understand that the machine will be opened to fit the modifications and tested thereafter, so you may find some moisture inside and the box seals will be broken.