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Gaggia Liquid Descaler Bottle

Gaggia Decalcifier Liquid Descaling Solution

R 195.00

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Over time, coffee machines that get any amount of regular usage will build up limescale, a hard, white mineral deposit that forms due to calcium carbonate present in your machine’s water. Limescale can alter your coffee’s taste and, more frustratingly, it can reduce its efficiency and even damage its internal components. This is why it’s essential to descale your espresso or bean to cup machine fairly regularly, otherwise, you run the risk of shortening its lifespan – every 2 to 3 months is the general recommendation, or simply as needed.

Gaggia’s liquid descaler is the perfect descaling solution for any Gaggia machine. Having been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is safe to use on the iconic Italian brand’s products, this is the only descaler officially approved and endorsed by Gaggia. Pick it up now to rid your Gaggia espresso machine or bean to cup machine of limescale and keep it running smoother for longer.

Usage instructions: espresso machine

Note: Please consult your machine’s manual for detailed cleaning instructions. If you have never cleaned your espresso machine before and fear potentially damaging it, rather take it to a professional technician and have them descale it for you.

  • Remove your machine’s drip tray, empty it, and reinsert it.
  • Pour half a bottle of Gaggia liquid descaling solution into your machine’s water tank.
  • Fill the rest of the tank with water as normal.
  • Run a small amount of the descaling solution through your machine’s group head and steam wand.
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes (~30 minutes).
  • Empty your water tank and refill it with fresh water.
  • Run several cycles of hot water through the machine to thoroughly rinse out any remaining descaler; repeat this until the water runs clear.

Usage instructions: bean to cup machine

Note: Always consult your specific machine’s manual for detailed cleaning instructions.

  • Remove your machine’s drip tray and puck container, empty them, and reinsert them.
  • Empty your water tank, then pour the entire bottle of Gaggia liquid descaling solution into it. Fill the rest of the tank up to the “MAX” level with water.
  • Consult your machine manual for instructions regarding preparing your machine for the descaling process (i.e. what to do with the milk carafe, how to navigate to the automatic descaling procedure on the machine display, etc.)
  • Follow the instructions shown on your display to launch the automatic descaling procedure. This should usually run for about 20 to 30 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and a rinse cycle.
  • Once the descaling cycle has finished, rinse the water tank (and milk carafe, if your machine has one) and the water circuit as per the instructions found in your machine’s manual.

Gaggia decalcifier liquid descaler features and specifications:

  • Comes in a 250ml bottle
  • Removes limescale buildup in your Gaggia automatic or espresso machine
  • Ensures equipment longevity and great-tasting coffee
  • Exclusive Gaggia formula, devised and refined over 25 years
  • Contains water, citric acid, and lactic acid