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Glass Inner for 2.2L Airpot Flask

Glass Inner For 2.2L Airpot

R 499.00

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What makes the Brew Tool 2.2L Insulated Airpot Flask so effective is its double wall glass inner lining. This provides incredibly effective insulation, and also makes it easier to keep clean in comparison to metal lining. Unfortunately down side is that if you drop the flask, you can break the glass lining. Fortunately you can replace it!

This spare glass inner will fit your Brew Tool 2.2L Insulated Airpot Flask. You can replace it by unscrewing the base. It will provide the same quality of insulation as the original and ensure you can keep using your original outer chamber and pump mechanism.

Please note that the glass inner may look slightly different from the picture on this page, but definitely will fit your Brew Tool Airpot!