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Hario Filters

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Paper Filters

R 119.00

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These paper filters are designed by Hario for use with the V60 Coffee Dripper. They fit perfectly inside the cone and filter out unwanted particles to give you the delicious, clean cup that the Hario pour-over method is known for! They come in three sizes - make sure to pick the correct size for your Coffee Dripper. The 03 size also fits pretty well in the 6 Cup Chemex Coffee Maker!

Hario V60 filters come in a few different types of packaging and in a few slightly different versions. We generally sell the type in these product pictures, but from time to time, if we have issues with supply, we may need to send you a different type. However, all packages we send will include 100 filters and all will be original Hario filters.