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Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

R 6,299.00

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Hario is probably the most trusted branded in pour-over coffee equipment. Heck, you could argue that they're the most trusted brand in manual brewing across the board. After all, they make everything from scales to siphons, from coffee drippers to plungers, and everything they put out is not just reliable, but of top notch quality.

Given the Japanese company's serious coffee credentials, it shouldn't be surprising that the whole coffee world (ourselves included) is painfully excited about the fact that they've finally released an electric coffee grinder, to complement their trusted range of hand grinders. They may have taken their time, but it definitely was worth the wait!

About the Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

For the manual brewer or home barista, there is so much to love about this grinder. It's beautifully designed and compact, with elegant lines in a form factor reminiscent of larger commercial grinders, but perfectly suited to a kitchen counter. It's easy to use, easy to clean and seriously robust.

All of that aesthetic stuff aside, just this grinder's functionality is more than enough to get excited about. It has 44 different grind settings, allowing you to perfectly dial in your manual brewing extractions, and most importantly, we were blown away by the grinder's consistency - it's absolutely exceptional for an affordable home grinder.

The finishing touch on this grinder is the way it grinds through a chute, straight into any receptacle or even straight into a coffee dripper, small plunger or Aeropress. It has an 'auto' mode which allows you to enable 'on demand' style grinding, just by pushing your desired coffee container into position.

This is an absolutely ideal choice for anyone doing any kind of manual brewing at home, or even in lower volumes in a commercial context. We would highly recommend you buy one if you're looking for excellent value for all manual brewing applications!

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder features

  • 44 Grind Settings
  • Highly consistent grind
  • Easy operation
  • On/Off/Auto Switch (auto allows grind on demand)
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • Removable hopper
  • Easy to clean with burr removal
  • 2 year warranty

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder specifications

  • Grinding speed: 3g/sec
  • Hopper capacity: ~240g
  • Power Source : AC 220-240V
  • Power Consumption : 120-150W
  • EU Plug
  • Cable Length : 1.3
  • Dimensions: W 230 × D 135 × H 390 mm
  • Materials: Burr / Stainless steel; Hopper / ABS resin; Body / ABS resin, Polypropylene, Silicone rubber