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The cover of the book "How To Make the Best Coffee at Home" by James Hoffman

How To Make the Best Coffee at Home by James Hoffman

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James Hoffman is perhaps the best-known influencer in the specialty coffee scene. On top of being irrefutably qualified - he is the founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London and the winner of the 2007 World Barista Championship, alongside his plethora of other industry credentials - what Hoffman excels at is his ability to make the complex and often overwhelming world of coffee both simple and exciting to beginners. Most famous today for his YouTube videos, Hoffman's whimsical and joyful approach to coffee shines through in his writing. While he is no stranger to traditional publishing, Hoffman's previous work, The World Atlas of Coffee, is a rather foundational book that we highly recommend. It covers every factor that impacts the final cup, including those outside of the control of home brewers. Hoffman's latest book, How To Make the Best Coffee at Home, is more specific: it's all about how one can optimise the quality of the coffee one makes at home, from picking the right beans and equipment to perfecting the technique.

Beginners will probably get the most value out of this book. For a newcomer getting into brewing coffee at home, it would be hard to ask for a more comprehensive overview of everything important in the processes that one can control. Hoffman covers how to properly shop for coffee, what equipment to consider, how to master using one's equipment and, finally, gives an in-depth guide to the world of espresso. Readers will be given crash courses in everything from getting the best results out of their grinder, repeatable recipes for use with a wide range of brewers and understanding the types of coffee drinks available. That last point speaks to Hoffman's secondary goal with this book: by teaching readers how to get the most out of their coffee at home, he hopes to help them become literate in the world of coffee and more aware of the coffee available outside the home as well.

Experienced home baristas will find plenty of value here too, as the book serves as a perfect reference for brushing up on techniques one may already be familiar with, or quickly learning the ins and outs of a piece of equipment or technique one may not have experimented with yet. As with The World Atlas of Coffee, this is a beautifully bound and printed volume, one which is both wonderfully typeset and full of gorgeous photography. It will make a fine addition to the coffee tables and kitchen countertops of those who are fans of Hoffman himself, or anyone who simply appreciates a well-made book.

About James Hoffmann

James Hoffmann is somewhat of a celebrity in the world of specialty coffee. Not only is he a former World Barista Champion, accomplished coffee consultant, barista and roaster, but in recent years, he has done a huge amount of work to educate the public about specialty coffee. He is probably best known for his informative and entertaining videos on YouTube, as well as his writing.

About How To Make the Best Coffee at Home from the publishers

We all expect to be able to buy an excellent cup of coffee from the many brilliant coffee shops available. But what about the coffee we make at home? Shouldn't that be just as good?

James Hoffmann is an entrepreneur and an international name in coffee, combining expert-level knowledge with a wonderful ability to communicate it. James runs Square Mile Coffee, as well as creating extremely informative, and popular, coffee and equipment reviews for his YouTube and Instagram channels. In his latest book he demonstrates everything you need to know to make consistently excellent coffee at home, including: what equipment is worth buying, and what isn't; how to grind coffee; the basics of brewing for all major equipment (cafetiere, AeroPress, stovetop etc); understanding coffee drinks, from the cortado to latte and the perfect espresso.

How To Make the Best Coffee at Home book format

  • Hardcover
  • Pages: 224
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 2.54 x 21.84 cm