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IMS Precision Filter Basket 57mm

IMS Precision Espresso Filter Basket 57mm for Lelit Anna

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Filter baskets are an often overlooked but undoubtedly vital part of any barista’s home or café espresso machine setup. Subtle distinctions in the size and shape of your basket and its holes can make a substantial difference in how your machine brews, and how your espresso ultimately tastes, which is why changing out your filter basket can be a relatively simple way to upgrade your setup without necessarily draining your savings.

IMS makes some of the best filter baskets available to today’s espresso enthusiasts. IMS filters feature an exclusive, patented perforation system that allows for a more consistent flow rate and, in turn, more consistent extraction, so you can get the best out of your coffee every time you pull a shot. This filter basket is specifically designed for 57mm diameter group heads and bottomless portafilters, such as those found on and made for the Lelit Anna. It’s also effectively a double shot basket, but the exact amount of ground coffee you can fill it with depends on the specific bean or blend you’re using.

IMS 57mm Precision Espresso Filter Basket specifications

  • Capacity: 14-16g
  • Border: Ø 64 mm (B64)
  • Height: 22 mm (H22)
  • Body: Ø 58 mm for Ø 57 mm tamper
  • Ridge: Ridgeless
  • Shape: Cylindrical with a truncated cone base
  • Perforated area: Ø 44 mm
  • Number of holes: 349
  • Hold diameter: 0.30 mm
  • Hole shape: Circular with a conical cross-section