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La Marzocco Leva X 3 group espresso machine

La Marzocco Leva X Commercial Espresso Machine

R 377,544.00

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Although La Marzocco has pioneered many of the best new technologies in the world of espresso, they have done so with a lot of recognition and homage to where they came from and the history of espresso. In almost all of their equipment, you can see the influence of previous generations of espresso machines, but this is clearest in the La Marzocco Leva machines. The Leva employs a classic, decades-old form factor in a modern chassis with some of the most technologically advanced espresso features available. Take your pick between two models, the standard Leva S and supercharged Leva X with all the bells and whistles. 

About the La Marzocco Leva X Commercial Espresso Machine

The La Marzocco Leva is without a doubt one of the most striking espresso machines out there. We couldn't talk about this machine without mentioning its bold and expressive design. A design that can only be described as a space-age nod to classic retro espresso machines. While the aesthetics on the Leva are definitely worth talking about, this machine isn't bought for its looks. What ultimately makes the La Marzocco Leva so impressive is the technology it contains. 

The La Marzocco Leva employs classic lever espresso mechanisms to create the pressure needed to brew espresso, but with the addition of modern technology to give you live data and feedback on your espresso extraction as you are pulling the shot. The Leva X is equipped with digital displays that provide you with a visual graphical representation of your pressure profile as your shot is pulling. The lever mechanism then allows you to make real-time adjustments to your pressure profile to improve extraction. This combination gives you unrivalled control over your pressure and flow rates throughout your espresso's extraction. With this level of control, the Leva X is a machine for people wanting absolute control over every variable of their espresso in order to achieve the best results possible.

The Leva X also brings with it La Marzocco's most advanced thermal stability technology, brought straight over from the Strada. This is where the Leva X really shines over the Leva S. The Leva X has a steam boiler with a dedicated PID as well as separate coffee boilers for each group head. These coffee boilers employ an advanced "smart PID" system for unrivalled temperature control and stability. To add to this, La Marzocco's tried and tested saturated group head technology maintains temperature from the boiler all the way to the portafilter. This means that you will extract with the most consistent temperature possible.

On top of all this high-end technology, La Marzocco has not forgotten the finer details. Classic lever espresso machines can be strenuous to operate, however, La Marzocco has developed a special pre-loaded spring technology that reduces the amount of effort it takes to operate the Leva by up to 50% when compared to a traditional lever espresso machine. The exposed group heads make the workspace easier for the barista. The drip tray is adjustable for those tall takeaway cups. The steam wands are always cool to the touch.

The Leva X is a powerhouse of an espresso machine that would make a bold and striking statement in any cafe and would push any baristas coffee knowledge and understanding to the next level! If you are looking for something that is still a powerhouse but at a slightly more modest price, La Marzocco has a simplified version of the Leva with the Leva S .

La Marzocco Leva X Espresso Machine features

  • Unrivalled manual control over pressure and flow rates 
  • Real-time graphical representation of pressure profiles
  • Intuitive graphic display makes for easy programming
  • Striking and iconic design
  • Exposed saturated group heads
  • Dedicated boiler for each group head
  • Smart PID for unrivalled temperature stability
  • Dedicated boiler and PID for steam
  • Insulated boilers for better economy and improved temperature stability
  • Boiler material: stainless steel
  • High-performance cool touch steam wands
  • Hot water economiser (set water spout temperature and pressure)
  • Adjustable drip tray for extra cup clearance for tall cups
  • Comes with stainless steel portafilters and precision baskets
  • USB port to update firmware

La Marzocco Leva X Espresso Machine specifications

2 Group 3 Group
Voltage 200 single / 3 phase
220 single / 3 phase
380 3 phase
200 single / 3 phase
220 single / 3 phase
380 3 phase
Power 4,520W - 5,670W 5,200W - 6780W
Dimensions (H x W x D cm) 77.5 x 80 x 64.5 77.5 x 102 x 64.5
Weight (kg) 99kg 129 kg
Coffee Boiler 2 x 1.3 L 3 x 1.3 L
Steam Boiler 8.2 L 11.8 L