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La Marzocco Linea Micra

La Marzocco Linea Micra Domestic Espresso Machine

R 72,015.30

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La Marzocco is one of the most trusted brands in the world of coffee. When you walk into a cafe and you see a La Marzocco espresso machine on the counter, you know that the establishment takes its coffee seriously. La Marzocco equipment is an excellent investment for any coffee-serving establishment, and recently, the company has stepped into the domestic espresso machine space. The Linea Micra is its latest and most affordable home offering yet, and in short: it makes zero compromises.

Introducing the La Marzocco Linea Micra

Let's be clear: the Linea Micra is not for someone who wants espresso at the press of the button. To illustrate this, notice that it forgoes the button-based dosing options that consumers may be familiar with. The Linea Micra is for the true espresso enthusiast, who wants maximum control over their shots, and the peace of mind that their hardware is the best in its class. To this end, the Linea Micra resembles La Marzocco's commercial offerings, just with a smaller footprint. Between the tech inside the machine, the design of the interface and the premium build quality, the Linea Micra is a La Marzocco product to the core.

Starting with what is perhaps the most important aspect for the home barista, the internals, the Linea Micra has everything you could ask for. Home espresso enthusiasts will be all too familiar with the endless trade-offs between different machines, and the necessity of modding in order to get every feature you need. There are no such trade-offs with the Linea Micra. The dual boiler system ensures optimal performance in both brewing and steaming, and it is equipped with a programmable PID to ensure consistent and predictable temperatures. The commercial-grade rotary pump is quiet, reliable, consistent and durable. In short: you can count on the Linea Micra to get every variable it is responsible for perfect, every time, for as long as you own it.

That leaves the rest up to you, the barista; and in this regard, La Marzocco delivers the perfect interface for perfecting your technique. Between the hot water/steam dials and La Marzocco's trademark paddle, you have the ideal interface. It's simple, elegant and powerful. Without overcomplicating things, the Linea Micra also offers smart functionality via La Marzocco's app, which lets you access several quality of life features. These range from configuring start-up times or the exact temperature of the boiler, to viewing statistics on your usage of the machine.

Turning to the finer details, the drip tray features a bob mechanism to alert you to an imminent overflow, and while the machine is in use a handy set of barista lights will illuminate the space below the portafilter. The attention to detail extends to the included portafilter, too: the bottom of the portafilter can be removed, allowing you to toggle between a single spout, double spout and bottomless portafilter. 

All of this functionality isn't just packed into a small form factor; this machine is beautiful, too, as you'd expect from La Marzocco. You won't be greeted by a plastic construction here; premium materials abound, with the machine being primarily constructed from a thick stainless steel. Available in four colour variants, there's sure to be a Linea Micra that suits your space and aesthetic sensibilities. La Marzocco has managed to pack a truly incredible machine into a sleek and attractive design with the Linea Micra, and it is sure to be a centrepiece of any kitchen or bar lucky enough to display it.

As we've already mentioned, the Linea Micra is for a very specific type of coffee lover. It focuses on offering maximum reliability and control to the dedicated home barista, with a La Marzocco aesthetic and quality. This means that it isn't for everyone but for the passionate espresso enthusiast, it may be just perfect.

Linea Micra Domestic Espresso Machine feature summary

  • Dual insulated stainless steel boilers with dual PID brew temperature control
  • Internal reservoir or optional plumbing kit
  • Internal rotary pump
  • Barista lights to illuminate your shots
  • Classic paddle group actuator
  • 3-in-1 portafilter can be changed from single spout to double spout to bottomless
  • Sleek design with a high-quality stainless steel build
  • Drip tray with bob system to indicate full capacity
  • Separate hot water spout and steam wand
  • Quick heat up, with preset warm-up times configurable via the app
  • Other smart functionality includes fine control of boiler temperature and viewing usage stats
  • Included in the box:
    • Linea Micra espresso machine
    • Commercial 58mm stainless steel portafilter
    • Single spout portafilter insert
    • Double spout portafilter insert
    • 7g & 14g filter baskets
    • Blank filter basket for back-flushing
    • 350ml steaming pitcher
    • 58mm steel tamper
    • Espresso machine cleaning powder

La Marzocco Linea Micra Domestic Espresso Machine specifications

  • Internal reservoir capacity: 2L
  • Steam boiler capacity: 1.6L
  • Brew boiler capacity: 0.25L
  • Height: 34cm
  • Width: 29cm
  • Depth: 39cm
  • Weight: 19kg (machine only)
  • Power: 1600-1850W
  • Voltage: 220-240V