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La Marzocco Pico Domestic Espresso Grinder Front View

La Marzocco Pico Home Espresso Grinder

R 24,007.55

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All La Marzocco Home espresso machines are fulfilled and serviced by La Marzocco South Africa. If you purchase one, we will place the order with LMSA on your behalf and coordinate the fulfillment of your complete order in collaboration with LMSA.

La Marzocco is one of the most trusted names in the coffee world, boasting an almost 100-year long tradition of manufacturing some of the most premium espresso machines in the world. La Marzocco hardware is often considered the industry standard, and the sight of a La Marzocco logo a sign that a given café is dedicated to serving quality coffee. Recently, the firm has brought its espresso pedigree to the domestic equipment space, and the Pico marks the release of the company's first domestic grinder.

About the La Marzocco Pico Home Grinder

The Pico is designed to complement La Marzocco's two domestic espresso machines, the Linea Mini and Linea Micra. This is a premium home espresso product, from  its aesthetic and design to specifications and performance. Like any other La Marzocco product, the Pico is elegant in its simplicity while also as precise and powerful as it gets.

Starting with the aesthetics, the Pico has been designed to fit right beside a Linea machine on your kitchen counter, with a compact form factor to match. With an all-metal exterior, it boasts the same design language and industrial aesthetic as those machines, and makes for a striking addition to any espresso setup. The Pico foregoes the touch screens of its contemporaries for a bright and reliable LED display and three satisfyingly tactile switches for an interface, in line with La Marzocco's design philosophy: there should be as few moving parts as possible, to guarantee a machine that will work exactly as it did out of the box for years to come. The three switches are used to toggle the grinder between programmable single, double and continuous dosing settings. The grinder is actuated by inserting a portafilter into the magnetic portafilter fork, while an included dosing cup is also supported. Those tactile switches are echoed by the clicky stepped adjustment mechanism, which makes dialing-in shots both easy and satisfying. Adjusting the Pico's grind size, programming your doses, grinding shots and repeating is easy, precise and reliable.

Speaking of repeating: the Pico has the full suite of high-end specifications you need to endlessly and consistently pull high-quality, accurate shots. The grinder's powerful motor powers a set of 39mm conical burrs, which La Marzocco estimates can grind 18g of coffee in 10 seconds. The brushless induction motor is state of the art, and takes advantage of a modern trend in grinder engineering: the motor turns the outer burr, rather than the inner burr. All of this adds up to a grinder that is all three: remarkably powerful, remarkably reliable and remarkably quiet.

The result is a grinder that is more than the sum of its parts or specifications. The La Marzocco Pico is deceptively simple, and this is exactly what makes it the perfect companion to a high-end domestic espresso machine. It is at once a trusty no-frills piece of equipment engineered for perfection and a beautiful feat of design work. It promises to make your morning routine that much easier, and no less delicious. For a grinder that will stand out in both appearance and performance for a lifetime, look no further.

La Marzocco Pico Home Grinder features

  • Beautiful all-metal La Marzocco design language makes for a perfect complement to other La Marzocco Home products
  • Magnetic portafilter holder
  • Portafilter LED
  • Supports both portafilter and included dosing cup
  • Tactile switches to toggle between programmable single and double-shot doses as well as continuous dosing
  • Portafilter actuated dosing
  • Tactile stepped adjustment mechanism with over 100 grind size options
  • Low retention
  • Designed to operate quietly
  • Highly accurate, highly consistent grind
  • Single-dosing friendly
  • Compact form-factor

La Marzocco Pico Home Grinder specifications

  • Quiet grinding: Operates under 70dB
  • 300g hopper
  • 39mm conical burrs
  • Stepped grind adjustments
  • Grinding speed: 700-800 RPM
  • Average grinding speed for espresso: 1.8g per/sec
  • Power: 110V/220V single phase, 300-350W
  • Dimensions: (w x h x d) 15.4 x 39 x 28.5 cm
  • Weight: 7.8 kg