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Origin Coffee Roasting 250g black bag of Indonesia Flores Mbohang coffee

Origin Coffee Roasting - Indonesia Flores Mbohang

R 249.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

Known for its dark, earthy flavours Indonesian coffee is famous the world over. The equatorial archipelago is one of the world’s largest coffee producing countries, specifically being the 4th biggest exporter of green coffee beans. Coffee is firmly embedded in the local culture, too. Some 1.7 million Indonesian workers make their livelihoods in coffee production, and Indonesia leads in domestic coffee consumption relative to other large coffee producing countries. 

This lot of Indonesian coffee comes from a small village on the lesser-known island of Flores by way of Origin Coffee Roasters. Flores itself is one of Indonesia’s smallest islands, and is not as famous as Java or Sumatra, but nevertheless produces some of Indonesia’s best coffee thanks to its high altitudes and nutrient-rich volcanic soil. 

Moreover, where most Indonesian coffee is processed through the unique Giling Bisah (semi-washed or wet-hulled) processing method, this particular lot has been subjected to a new, cutting-edge kind of process. It is a yeast-fermented anaerobic natural coffee, having been fermented (with the fruit and skin intact) in a sealed, anaerobic environment along with a carefully selected strain of yeast. The yeast anaerobically ferments the sugars present in the coffee cherry for several dozen hours, resulting in an additional layer of complexity in the cup. Yeast-ferment coffees often offer tropical fruit flavours, a full body, and a bright acidity. This lot from Origin ticks all of those boxes, and is sure to be a unique treat to taste. 

Phaedon's tasting notes

I think Origin and Indonesian coffees will always be inextricably linked in my mind. This isn't only because my friends at Origin have introduced me to some of the very best Indonesian coffees that I've tasted (which they have), but also because of a very special tasting event I attended at Origin HQ a couple of years ago, hosted by the Indonesian Consulate to South Africa. Some of the very best Indonesian exports were showcased, and stuck in my memory, including a couple of Flores Mbohang lots.

I'm also pretty partial to a quirky coffee, and this one definitely fits that bill. It's a delightfully mind-bending combination of sweet and savoury, aromatic and earthy, fruity and spicy. Complex to say the least, I found myself scratching my head as I tried to identify everything I was tasting, as I made my way through my sample bag with my brewing implements.

While I can offer some broader descriptors - stewed and dried fruit, warm spices, something smokey and yeasty - I think it best to leave the more specific flavour exploration to the brewer and drinker, in this instance. I'm sure you will enjoy the adventure. I'd highly recommend you embark on that adventure with your immersion brewers in hand (siphon and French press most notably) or some kind of batch brewer.

Origin’s notes

  • Flavour: Passion fruit, naartjie, raisin, sweet tobacco
  • Body: Medium, juicy
  • Acidity: Red apple
  • Roast: Medium
  • Suggested brewing methods: Aeropress, siphon, plunger, espresso & milk, v60

Coffee details from Origin

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Island: Flores
  • Village: Mbohang
  • Farm: The Andre Hamboer Coffee Farm
  • Altitude: 1500 masl
  • Varietals: Kartika, Typica, Yellow Catura
  • Processing: Anaerobic natural, yeast-fermented

“Among [Flores’] many treasures is the quaint village of Mbohang, a serene locale home to the Andre Hamboer Coffee Farm. This farm, set against the backdrop of Flores’ verdant hills and fertile volcanic soil, produces some of the most exquisite coffee in the region.

“The Andre Hamboer Coffee Farm is a shining example of Mbohang’s agricultural prowess. This family-owned farm has been passed down through generations, each contributing to its legacy of excellence that grows high-quality Arabica coffee.

Sustainable farming practices are at the heart of the Andre Hamboer Coffee Farm. The family employs organic methods to nurture their coffee plants, ensuring the health of the soil and the surrounding ecosystem. Shade-grown coffee is a common practice, where coffee plants are cultivated under the canopy of native trees, promoting biodiversity and enhancing the flavor profile of the beans.”