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Black Handle Tamper

Presso 57mm Tamper for Lelit Anna

R 695.00

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When it comes to brewing espresso, there are few pieces of equipment quite as essential to the process as the humble tamper. A good, level tamp can easily make the difference between a delicious, evenly extracted shot and a channelled mess, and the quality of your tamper plays a significant role here.

Many home espresso machines, especially in the entry-level range, come with plastic tampers that frankly aren’t worth writing home about. If you want consistently solid results from your espresso machine, you’ll want a tamper with at least a stainless steel base to add a little heft and precision to your tamp, or else you may find it difficult to tamp evenly every time.

All this makes it understandable that the first piece of kit the aspiring home barista often upgrades is their tamper. Most espresso machine group heads and their corresponding portafilters have a diameter of 58mm and thus require additional gear to have compatible measurements. However, certain machines, such as the Lelit Anna, sport slightly different measurements, which sometimes makes sourcing things like a decent tamper a little harder.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. This Presso Coffee Tamper has a 57mm stainless steel base and a sturdy, ergonomic wooden handle, making it comfortably weighty to hold, and is the perfect upgrade for your Lelit Anna or any machine with the same portafilter requirements. Pick it up to make level tamping a breeze.

Presso 57mm Tamper features & specifications

  • 57mm stainless steel base
  • Solid wooden handle
  • Compatible with Lelit Anna and any other machine with a 57mm group head/portafilter diameter
  • ~350g weight