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Presso 58mm Walnut Tamper

Presso Walnut 58mm Tamper

R 695.00

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While entry-level espresso machines like the Gaggia Classic are wonderful tools that are great value for money, one thing that entry-level espresso machines don't typically come with is a great tamper. Plastic tampers aren't even worth discussing. You need something with weight, with a stainless steel base, an ergonomic handle and the right balance and construction.

While you're satisfying all these practical and tactile requirements, you might as well also satisfy your sense of aesthetics. This perfectly constructed tamper has a 58mm stainless steel base and a beautiful handle made of walnut wood. It should be the perfect accessory for any espresso machine with a 58mm group head, including the Gaggia Classic.

If you are buying this tamper to complete your Gaggia Classic setup, why not consider pairing it with the equally fetching, matching walnut bottomless portafilter?

Please note that only one tamper is included; two are included in the photo to give you a perspective from different angles.