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Quaffee Colombian Relationship Blend Coffee Beans

Quaffee - Colombia Relationship Blend

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One of the many things that Quaffee does very well is bring us fantastic Colombian coffee. Through their own passion for what the country produces and their relationship with Virmax, they are among the few (if not only) roasters in the country that offer a variety of top quality Colombian beans.

This blend is one that they put together to showcase what they love about coffee from that country. It is quite unique, as you won't often find blends made entirely from coffees from a single country (or even continent). Perhaps more importantly, it's also quite delicious. It is named to remind us both of the relationship that Virmax has with the Colombian small-hold farmers that grow the beans as well as their long-standing relationship with Quaffee.

This coffee is one that will please both those who love balanced blends and adventurous coffee lovers who like single origin beans. It's a wonderful all-rounder which will work well in everything from espresso to an Aeropress. It is full-bodied with a wonderful caramel sweetness and hints of citrus & florals that are pleasant but not overpowering. We would highly recommend you try it!

In the blend

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Roaster's notes

  • In the cup: Floral and fruity with good body; with milk the body is still there with some complexity coming through
  • Region: Cauca and Huila, Colombia
  • Processing: All coffees are wet processed, and then solar dried on raised beds
  • Species/Varietal: Arabica: Caturra and Colombia F6
  • Main Harvest: Mar - Jun and Sep - Oct
  • Farms: Many small-holding farmers
  • Altitude grown: 1,500 – 1,900 meters above sea level
  • Roast used: Varies per coffee, but all coffees drop just before or on second crack, so that the second crack is decelerated in the cooling bin
  • Awards: Achieved Editors Choice from Coffee Culture South Africa