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Rhinowares Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer

Rhinowares Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer

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To make a tasty milk-based coffee beverage, you need to froth the milk to the right temperature - too cold and the drinker probably won't be happy, too hot and you'll start to denature the proteins and lose the milk's natural sweetness. The key is to wind up around 60-65ºC, avoiding temperatures over 70ºC where things start to go wrong. Of course that's not an easy thing to do with touch alone, and even with a regular thermometer, it can be challenging when you're focusing on ensuring the quality of the foam.

Rhinowares has come up with a brilliant little brewing accessory to make this temperature control easy for any barista from amateur to professional. Their Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer not only has an easy to read digital display, but it lets you set your exact target temperature and then beeps when that temperature is reached, so that you can focus on watching your milk rather than the thermometer! Just clip the Rhinowares thermometer into any milk frothing jug, set your desired temperature and start frothing!