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Rocket 2 in 1 Tamper & Leveler

Rocket 2-in-1 Tamper & Leveler

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Lately, there's been an increased appreciation for the importance of evenly distributing the ground coffee in your puck when making espresso. A wealth of high-end distribution tools have flooded the market in the last few years. There's a good reason for the trend: uneven distribution of grounds, when combined with a harsh tamp, tends to lead to channelling, which in turn leads to bad espresso! A distribution tool is now seen as essential by espresso enthusiasts, as a good distribution technique can be just as important as a good tamping technique in ensuring a delicious final product. Reputed Italian espresso equipment manufacturer Rocket Espresso Milano has stepped up to provide an innovative product that combines the two essential tools in a single package.

Built in a smart aluminium design, this 2-in-1 Tamper & Leveler has one finned side dedicated to levelling and distributing your puck, and one flat side for tamping. The anti-slip design on the side of the device makes turning it to distribute your grounds easy, and the device can then be flipped over to tamp your grounds with the application of pressure. Its adjustable height, two colour options and standard 58mm size make the Rocket 2-in-1 Tamper & Leveler a stylish and convenient way to keep your pucks channel-free and your espresso delicious!

Rocket 2 in 1 Tamper & Leveler features & specifications

  • Diameter: 58mm
  • 3 angled fins for distribution on the profiled side
  • Helps ensure even distribution in coffee puck before tamping
  • The reverse side is built to function as an espresso tamper for convenience and efficiency
  • Adjustable height to fit any portafilter depth
  • Made of aluminium
  • Manufactured in Italy