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Rocket Naked Portafilter

Rocket Naked / Bottomless Portafilter

R 1,299.00

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Bottomless or 'naked' portafilters were originally designed as a training tool. Without the obstruction of a spout, it becomes much easier to see what's happening as the water passes through the tamped coffee. This is particularly helpful for spotting channeling - a frequent culprit when it comes to suboptimal extractions. In recent years they've also become popular because of their aesthetics. If you get your tamping and distribution just right, the extraction looks stunning!

This bottomless portafilter is an original Rocket Espresso part. It should make the perfect companion to any Rocket espresso machine, whether it's as a training tool, or simply for the beautiful look!

Rocket Naked Portafilter features & specifications

  • Designed for Rocket 58mm E61 grouphead
  • Bottomless design (no spouts)
  • Makes cleaning filter baskets easier
  • Comes with free triple shot basket