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Silicone Group Head Gasket For Gaggia Espresso Machine

Silicone Gasket For Gaggia Classic

R 215.00

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It is inevitable that your Gaggia's group head gasket will experience wear and tear over time. It happens to all espresso machines and, after all, you're enjoying lots of delicious coffees, aren't you? Thankfully, a group head gasket is an easily replaced part. Even better, we have gaskets for Gaggia Classics that are made of silicone, meaning that they may last longer than other models made of rubber.

You'll know it's time to replace your gasket if you see leaking or if you can turn your portafilter handle very far to the right, suggesting that the gasket has worn out. It's not a bad idea to replace it once a year as preventative maintenance.

Silicone Gaggia Classic Gasket specifications