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Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine default view

Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine

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Slayer is a name of legend in the speciality coffee space. It is probably best known for the Slayer Espresso, its flagship machine that offers groundbreaking control through flow rate flavour profiling. Where that machine is designed from the ground up to optimise extraction, the Steam series from Slayer is designed to optimise workflow and production. The Steam LP is the latest iteration of this product category, and it offers some serious improvements to what was already a near-perfect machine in the original Steam X.

About the Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine

The Slayer Steam LP is the latest iteration of the closest thing Slayer offers to an "entry-level" commercial product. For Slayer, that still means it has all the technology you would expect of the best machines available, including separate brew and steam boilers,  independent PID-controlled brew tanks, and electronic solenoid steam valves. It is very much a top-end espresso machine.

As with its cousin, the Steam EP, the LP is oriented towards high-volume commercial operations who want to optimise throughput, consistency and quality all at once. To this end, each group on the Steam LP includes a programmable digital barista dashboard for volumetric flow control allowing baristas to program the machine for maximum repeatability and reliability during the morning rush. This is different from the Slayer Steam EP which has a single dashboard for the entire machine.

Where the LP differs from other Slayer Steam machines in a bigger way, however, is in allowing the use of manual flow control. The Steam EP notably only features volumetric control, whereas the LP offers a paddle actuator for those who appreciate the option of flowing prfiling. This makes it an ideal choice for any café looking to maximise the control baristas have over their shots, while appreciating the value of programmable volumetric flow control for busy periods. Slayer goes one step further, too: the LP is able to automatically record the fine details of how you make coffee when using the paddle, and then play back those shots on-demand.

As with all Slayer machines, the Steam LP is also a work of art. Slayer is known for its artisanal design and manufacturing processes, and the Steam LP is no exception. Perhaps a dream machine for the discerning café owner, the Steam LP combines cutting-edge technology, intuitive design and gorgeous aesthetics to create a machine worthy of its place amongst the rest of Slayer's lineup.

Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine key features

  • Intuitive interface for volumetric activation, able to "record" shots pulled manually and replay them on demand
  • Variable pressure: manually shift between a regulated low-pressure and a traditional pump-pressure easily with the brew actuator
  • Per-group Barista Dashboard (TM)
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Boiler material: 316L stainless steel
  • Lights to illuminate shots
  • Massive work surface
  • Slayer design: ink-black wings, onyx duratex actuators, soft-touch portafilters and mirror-polished steel body
  • Direct plumb only
  • Hand made in USA

Slayer Steam LP specifications

2 Group 3 Group
Width 89 cm 113 cm
Length 71 cm 71 cm
Height 43.2 cm 43.2 cm
Weight 100 kg 139 kg
Brew tanks 1.7 L, 600 W (x2) 1.7 L, 600 W (x3)
Steam tank 7.4 L, 3,500W 12 L / 4,500 W
Single phase power 220-240 V, 50/60 hz; 26 A; 4.7—5.6 kW 220-240 V, 50/60 hz; 35 A; 6.3—7.5 kW
Three phase power 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 17 A; 4.9—5.7 kW
380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 22 A; 5.8—6.5 kW