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Slayer Steam LP X 2 Group

Slayer Steam LP X Commercial Espresso Machine

R 540,500.00

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Slayer is a name of legend in the speciality coffee space. It is probably best known for the Slayer Espresso, its flagship machine that offers groundbreaking control through flow rate flavour profiling. Where that machine is designed from the ground up to optimise extraction, the Steam series from Slayer is designed to optimise workflow and production. The Steam LP range is the latest iteration of this product category, and it offers some serious improvements to what was already a near-perfect machine.

About the Slayer Steam LP X Commercial Espresso Machine

The Slayer Steam LP X is a higher-end variant of Slayer's latest Steam LP. These machines are serious investments for café owners, but bring serious functionality and performance to match. In addition to offering the very best for your coffee, the LP X can be designed to fit right in to your café's distinctive look and feel. It offers several unique aesthetic options, all of which have been beautifully designed and hand-crafted by Slayer in the USA.

The Steam LP X boasts all the same features of the Steam LP, a machine intended to bring high-quality espresso and milk to high-volume environments, using a mix of manual and automated volumetric control. Per-group barista panels make customising variables as well as recording and replaying shots pulled with the traditional paddle actuator easy. 

All versions of the Steam LP X offer an aesthetic upgrade, starting with a polished chrome frame and refined wood-like Duratex(TM) paddles. Individual colour options include bone beige, matte black, glossy white and turquoise blue. Pictured here are the black and white versions, but we are happy to quote you on any colour variation you  might want (on a special import basis). Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your options.

We call the Steam LP a dream machine for the discerning café owner. These machines, like everything Slayer makes, are something truly extraordinary. The Steam LP X, with its range of beautiful aesthetic options, offers an opportunity to make your investment in a Slayer machine - a high performance piece of equipment - double as an investment in a striking work of art, one deserving of a place in a specialty café.

Slayer Steam LP X Commercial Espresso Machine key features

  • Intuitive interface for volumetric activation, able to "record" shots pulled manually and replay them on demand
  • Variable pressure: manually shift between a regulated low-pressure and a traditional pump-pressure easily with the brew actuator
  • Per-group Barista Dashboard (TM)
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Boiler material: 316L stainless steel
  • Lights to illuminate shots
  • Massive work surface
  • The pinnacle of Slayer design: woodlike Duratex(TM) paddles, polished chrome frame and four unique colour options
  • Direct plumb only
  • Hand made in USA

Slayer Steam LP X specifications

2 Group 3 Group
Width 89 cm 113 cm
Length 71 cm 71 cm
Height 43.2 cm 43.2 cm
Weight 100 kg 139 kg
Brew tanks 1.7 L, 600 W (x2) 1.7 L, 600 W (x3)
Steam tank 7.4 L, 3,500W 12 L / 4,500 W
Single phase power 220-240 V, 50/60 hz; 26 A; 4.7—5.6 kW 220-240 V, 50/60 hz; 35 A; 6.3—7.5 kW
Three phase power 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 17 A; 4.9—5.7 kW
380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 22 A; 5.8—6.5 kW