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Stainless Steel Drawer Base With Silicone Knock Bar

Stainless Steel Drawer Base With Silicone Knock Bar

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While not strictly essential to the process of making delicious espresso, a good knock box is a very practical addition to any espresso setup, domestic or commercial. When you're done pulling your shot, it offers a neat and practical way to discard the used coffee grounds (or puck as some call it). Of course, a knock box takes up space, so this stainless steel drawer base is the perfect answer to those with limited surface space in a commercial environment.

This knock box drawer base is designed to fit neatly under your grinder of any size and does a beautiful job of hiding away the messy affair of spent coffee grounds, while also preserving counter space. It is large enough for almost any commercial espresso grinder. It also includes a silicone knock bar that will allow you to use it with minimal noise and wrist strain, and the drawer pulls out completely for easy cleaning and emptying.

Stainless Steel Drawer Base specifications

  • Dimensions: ~ 25 x 35 x 9 cm
  • Body material: stainless steel
  • Knock bar material: silicone

Please note that the shape of the vents at the top of the drawer base may differ slightly from the picture.

For a smaller version of this knock box drawer which is ideal for home or for smaller grinders, check out this mini knock box drawer.