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Barista Hustle Terroir Book Cover

Terroir by Barista Hustle and Scott Rao Publications

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Scott Rao is one of the most accomplished and respected consulting professionals in the specialty coffee space. He has been making an impact on the industry for decades on multiple platforms, from his blog to his books, and most recently on Youtube. He is perhaps best known for his print publications which have served as handbooks for the industry since the 2000s, whether that is for roasting, brewing or making espresso.

Scott has continued to publish his own works but has also expanded his remit and helped to publish books about coffee from other respected authors. All of them aim to help coffee professionals improve their craft, but will also provide great value to passionate consumers and lovers of specialty coffee who want to dive deeper into the workings of the industry. We feel privileged to have partnered with Scott to make his entire selection of publications available in South Africa.

This particular work was created in collaboration with Barista Hustle, a company devoted to educating the coffee industry. Barista Hustle is perhaps best known for its internationally recognised online courses and certifications. Barista Hustle has long been a go-to resource for coffee professionals around the world, and we're thrilled to see them expanding into this format.

Notes about Terroir from Barista Hustle and Scott Rao

Terroir refers to the holistic environment that coffee is grown in. The nature of the soil, the climate the coffee is grown in and the farming techniques employed are just some of the factors that come together to form the terroir a coffee crop is grown in. This book, of the same name, is a beautiful journey through how these factors can impact the success (or failure) of a crop, and the resulting cup of coffee. 

The authors at Barista Hustle have teamed up with Scott Rao publications to deliver a volume that has been beautifully printed and bound in hardback for a luxurious and highly informative reading experience. Between stunning full-page photography, the authors have written a comprehensive treatise on the relevance of the farming techniques employed and the characteristics of soil in coffee production. They cover more niche topics such as the impact of coffee tree diseases and the emerging concerns around climate change. These topics are contextualised by way of discussion on the financial aspects of coffee farming and through what methods coffee farmers can work to ensure a high-quality and sustainable crop, leaving readers with detailed knowledge on the subject as well as actionable advice.

Whether you work in any part of the industry or simply find yourself fascinated by the variables that coffee producers need to consider, this book is perhaps the most compelling and visually appealing education you could ask for. 

Terroir from Barista Hustle and Scott Rao book format

  • Hardcover
  • 149 pages
  • 23.5 x 19.5cm
  • Weight: 700g