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Timemore Black Mirror 2 Dual Sensor Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror 2 Dual Sensor Coffee Scale

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With the release of every new product, Timemore seems to raise the (already very high) bar that it has set for coffee brewing accessories. A few years ago, they burst onto the scene with a collection of hand grinders that have become our most popular. They have also now captured all pour-over enthusiasts' attention with their kettles and scales. With the release of the Black Mirror 2 Dual Sensor Coffee Scale, they have taken things an impressive technological step further.

Any pour-over brewer knows very well, water in does not equal brewed coffee out. Ground coffee absorbs a fair bit of water, and the amount can vary significantly based on brewing parameters, coffee density, moisture content and grind setting. If you want to know your brewing yield, you need to use a separate scale or tare before you pour. The Black Mirror 2 takes care of all of that for you in real-time, separately measuring the weight you add to the dripper, which perches on top of the handy pour-over stand, and the brewing yield which falls into your vessel, whether that's a cup or a carafe. The stand's height and position are also adjustable, offering additional convenience and an easier workflow if you're making multiple pour-overs.

For true pour-over aficionados, or commercial environments striving for exceptional quality and consistency, the scale also measures the pouring flow rate, giving the brewer real-time feedback about the consistency of her pour. This empowers the brewer with much more information than a simple brew ratio, extraction yield and time, allowing her technique to be perfected and replicated.

With a beautiful minimalist design, lightning-fast response time, a high capacity USB-rechargeable battery, integration with an app and auto tare and timer modes, this scale offers absolutely everything you could want for that perfect pour-over.

Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale features

  • Water-resistant nano-tech coating
  • Integrated adjustable pour-over stand
  • Measures flow rate in g/s
  • Measures water input and yield simultaneously (dual sensors)
  • Hidden backlit LED display (displays weight, time, battery)
  • Auto-tare functionality
  • Auto-timer modes
  • Smart interconnection with Timemore app (iOS/Android)
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Physical on/off switch to prevent accidental battery drain
  • Assistive indicator: built-in vibration for touch feedback
  • Comes with non-slip heat resistant pad

Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Scale specifications

  • USB-C rechargeable battery (2300mAh)
  • Maximum load: 2kg max on the scale, 1kg max on the dripper
  • Weight: 605g
  • Scale dimensions with stand: 135mm x 150mm x 245mm (W x D x H)
  • Dripper holder diameter 8.5cm inner; 9.5cm outer
  • 0.1g accuracy
  • 0.5g minimum measurable weight
  • 2000g maximum measurable yield weight
  • 1000g maximum measurable input weight (via stand)
  • Max timer capacity: 59m59s