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Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror Basic+ Coffee Scale

R 1,350.00

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To improve your coffee brewing, be it for flavour, intensity or measurable extraction, you need to measure your variables and make tweaks and changes accordingly. Brew time and brew ratio (ratio of water to coffee) are two variables that have the biggest impact here. Realising this fact, conscientious baristas both professional and amateur have started using scales and timers as a way to manage these parameters. A new breed of scale has emerged, specifically for coffee lovers, and it meets both the need to accurately weigh your coffee and time your brew in one device and the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale does just this.

The Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale incorporates all of the important basics that you would want for manual brewing. It has an easy-to-read built-in timer and a 2kg capacity scale that measures in 0.1g increments. It's fast, responsive and easy to use. With all the basic functionality nailed down, the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale also boasts a USB rechargeable battery and a nano-tech water-resistant coating.

Timemore Black Mirror Basic+ Coffee Scale features

  • Water-resistant nano-tech coating
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Suitable for espresso and filter
  • Hidden backlit LED display (displays weight, time, battery)
  • Auto-tare functionality
  • Auto-timer modes
  • ~10-hour battery life
  • Mechanical on-off switch to prevent battery drain during transport

Timemore Black Mirror Basic+ Coffee Scale specifications

  • USB-C rechargeable battery (1600mAh)
  • 0.5g to 2kg capacity (0.1g increments)
  • Weight: 400g
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 152mm x 28mm