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Timemore Black Mirror Mini scale

Timemore Black Mirror Mini Coffee Scale

R 1,800.00

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A scale is one of the most important tools in the modern coffee enthusiast’s arsenal, without which you’d struggle to accurately dose your coffee and water with any level of consistency. Coffee scales, once pretty niche, have become pretty ubiquitous gadgets for hobbyist and professional coffee brewers alike. These days there are plenty of coffee scales to choose from, and some of the very best come from Timemore

The latest scale from the Shanghai-based brand, famed for expertly balancing stylish minimalist design with high-end functionality, is a fantastic, minute device (hence the name) perfect for both manual brews and espresso. Thanks to its light, compact frame, the thickness of which is a little less than 2cm (making it Timemore’s smallest scale so far), the Black Mirror Mini is easy to travel with, and will also comfortably fit the drip tray of most espresso machines. Plus, with a simple but elegant design, including a matte finish and subtle, easy-to-read LED display, it looks good while it’s at it too. 

Aesthetics aside, the Black Mirror Mini also boasts an impressive set of features for something in its price range, like an IPX3 waterproof rating, a built-in lithium-ion battery rechargeable via USB-C, super-responsive, highly-sensitive sensors, and an auto-timer function that starts as soon as weight is sensed (i.e. you’ve begun your brew). Tied to the auto-timer, the Black Mirror Mini offers three modes depending on your intended usage: Pour-over, espresso and standard weighing. While a lot of high-end scales offer some sort of auto-timing function, it’s rare to see it on something in the Black Mirror Mini’s price-range. Add that to a stylish, compact design and you’ve got an impressive, versatile scale that’s hard not to recommend to anyone trying to take their coffee setup to the next level. 

Timemore Black Mirror Mini features

  • IPX3 Water-resistant coating
  • Three different modes: espresso, pour-over and regular
  • Auto-tare and auto-timer functionality
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery (comes with USB-C charging cable)
  • Comes with non-slip heat resistant pad
  • Physical on/off switch to prevent accidental battery drain
  • Auto-shutdown after extended standby

Timemore Black Mirror Mini specifications

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.4cm x 10cm x 1.58cm 
  • Weight: ~200g
  • Battery: 760mAh
  • Accuracy: 0.16
  • Max/min weights: 0.2g - 2kg