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Timemore Chestnut C Coffee Grinder Spare Burrs

Timemore Chestnut C Coffee Grinder Replacement Burrs

R 769.00

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Timemore's name has become synonymous with high-quality hand grinders. The original Timemore Chestnut C took the coffee world by storm a few years ago, offering better grind consistency in an affordable hand grinder than anyone had ever seen before. That original Chestnut C has received a few revisions since then, and Timemore has released many other grinders, but no one can argue that each Timemore grinder is of fantastic quality. They have really changed the manual grinding landscape.

We ourselves have been happy to put Timemore Chestnut C grinders in the hands of hundreds of South African coffee lovers, and we're pleased to now help them ensure that their prized possession lasts for many more years. You can now buy replacement burrs for your Timemore Chestnut C of any version and replace them yourself. This isn't something you should have to do frequently, but after a few years of regular use, you may find that it will bring your consistency back to a better level.

Standard vs. S2C burrs

The good news doesn't stop there though. We are selling the same standard burr set that your Timemore Chestnut C grinder may have come with, but we're also giving you the opportunity to upgrade your grinder. Using the drop-down menu on this page, you can choose to buy the S2C or "Spike To Crush" burr set, a patented design from Timemore that further improves grind consistency. It achieves this by grinding in two phases, thanks to its unique shape. It also improves grind consistency at the finer end of the range for espresso.

Chestnut C Coffee Grinder Replacement Burrs specifications:

  • Made of hardened stainless steel
  • Fits C1, C2, C3 & C3 Pro Timemore Chestnut grinders
  • 38 mm conical burr design
  • Available in standard and S2C varieties