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Timemore Sculptor Black 064

Timemore Sculptor Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder

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If there is one brand that has made a significant mark on the coffee industry in recent years, specifically in the sphere of manual and home brewing, it is undoubtedly Timemore. The award-winning brand has brought out an incredible range of world-class coffee brewing products, but its grinders specifically have stolen the show. Timemore's hand grinders have become the benchmarks against which other manual coffee grinders are measured. Now, after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign and months of excited chatter in the coffee world, Timemore has released its first fully electric coffee grinder (or rather, four of them), and it is everything you would expect from a Timemore grinder. As with its other products, this is something special.

The Timemore Sculptor is not one grinder, but rather a collection of exceptionally powerful grinders designed for the age of single-dosing. There are four versions of the grinder, each intended for different use cases (and each available in two colours). These options vary by the size and type of their burrs  we'll get into each of them and their use cases in detail — but first, we'll take a look at what every Sculptor has in common.

About the Timemore Sculptor coffee grinders

Timemore Sculptor coffee grinders are immediately recognisable due to their distinct visual design. The Sculptors are made from an aluminium alloy, giving them a hardy and premium feel. The design is unlike any other grinder on the market, certainly in the home context. It's vaguely reminiscent of some of the world's very best commercial shop grinders, albeit in a smaller, more elegant package. Whether you choose a black or white variant, the sleek, compact design of the Sculptor is a statement: this is a modern grinder for the modern brewer. This is exemplified by the Sculptor's focus on single-dosing.

Sculptor grinders have been designed from the ground up to encourage single-dosing: the practice of only placing as many beans as you need for your current brew in the grinder, minimising retention and allowing you to keep your beans sealed and fresh rather than sitting in a hopper. To this end, the hopper in a Sculptor has a small capacity of roughly only 50g. The most significant feature supporting single-dosing is the patented "rotary knocker". By rotating this small knocker surrounding the spout of the grinder, the vast majority of retained fines should be eliminated. This is key for single dosing, and an innovative quality of life feature from Timemore.

The motor in Sculptor grinders is truly one of a kind. There is hardly anything like it in the Sculptor's price bracket. The brushless motor rotates without touching the stator (the stationary component of the motor), making it uniquely stable, consistent and granting it a longer lifespan than the average brushed motor. These motors have been built with high grade components and use a PID controller, allowing every Sculptor grinder to punch far above its weight.

Some other noteworthy features include the handy magnetic container for grinding your beans into, which attaches right to the base of the grinder. The grinders all feature an adjustable burr speed, which you can configure with a dial on the back. The grinders with larger 78mm burrs have an appropriately high maximum RPM, capping out at 1400 RPM compared to 1200 RPM on the smaller 64mm variants.

Choosing the right Timemore Sculptor for your needs

Let's talk about those variants. There are four versions of the Sculptor, and each is available in either black or white. The four variants are differentiated by their size, two being available with already large 64mm burrs and two with even larger 78mm burrs. Each of the two sizes comes in a "turbo" or flat burr variant. The turbo variants, the Sculptor 64 and 78, are suited to filter and manual brewing methods such as the French press, pour-over, siphon and moka pot. The flat burr variants, the Sculptor 64S and 78S, bring significant performance grinding for espresso into the mix, and also function as capable all-rounders. To this end, the S-variants also trade stepped for stepless adjustment mechanisms, making dialing in espresso with the large dial on the front of the grinder a joy.

Thus, which Sculptor is right for you depends on your use profile. First, ask yourself if you're looking to grind for espresso. That determines whether or not you'll want one of the flat-burr S variants. Then, either way, you'll need to choose between the 64 and 78mm burr size options. While a pair of 64mm burrs is a force to be reckoned with, the beefy 78mm pair is going to offer the absolute best in grind consistency and speed for those who value these capabilities.

All of this said, as long as it matches your preferred brew methods, any Sculptor grinder is going to be one of the best options for an electric grinder available to you in its price bracket. Each Sculptor not only offers tremendous performance, but features a wide array of innovative features you won't find on any other grinder. Like we said at the start: the Sculptor is a Timemore product through and through, and by bringing everything we expect of the brand to the electric grinder category, it might just set a new standard.

Timemore Sculptor features

  • Aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction in a sleek and modern design
  • Designed for single-dosing
  • Large grind-size dial makes precision dialing-in easy
  • Patented rotary knocker makes tackling retention painless
  • Magnetic dosing cup clicks right into place
  • Adjustable RPM via dial
  • Brushless motor is best in class, with a friction-free design that brings consistent grinding and should outlast regular brushed motors
  • Turbo burrs in Sculptor 64 and 78 grind extremely uniformly for filter manual brewing perfection
  • Flat burrs in 64S and 78S offer both exceptional espresso capability and retain filter and manual brewing capability, making for a tremendous all-rounder

Timemore Sculptor specifications

  • Materials: Stainless steel and aluminium alloy
  • Weight: 64 and 64S - 4.1kg / 78 and 78S - 6.5kg
  • Dimensions: 64 and 64S - 22.5x10.0x25.6cm / 78 and 78S - 26.1x11.8x29.4cm
  • Hopper capacity: 45-50g
  • RPM: 64 and 64S - 800-1200 RPM / 78 and 78S - 800-1400 RPM
  • Burrs: 64 - 64mm turbo burrs / 64S - 64mm flat burrs / 78 - 78mm turbo burrs / 78S - 78mm flat burrs
  • Power draw: 400W
  • Voltage: 100-120V AC 60Hz / 220-240V AC 50Hz