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Roast Republic on how to make a Hario V60 pour-over

One of the most recent additions to Cape Coffee Beans is the Hario range of pour-over equipment. These beautiful Japanese products are perfectly designed to brew a clean, clear & delicious filter-style coffee. However, making a good pour-over takes a little bit of technique and we've been on the look out for a great brewing guide. Fortunately for all of us, our friends at Roast Republic have just recently published a fantastic video with their very own Matt Carter showing us how to master the Hario V60. They kindly agreed to let us share it with our customers and blog readers.

Have a look at this great instructional video and please do like it and share it! We've put a summary of Matt's advice below, as well as links to the equipment he is using.

Summary of variables

  • 20g of coffee
  • Filter grind (like table salt)
  • 360ml (or grams) of water (~60g/L ratio)
  • 93C water temperature
  • ~2m30s extraction time (60s bloom)

Summary of process

  1. Rinse your paper filter with hot water & discard the water afterwards
  2. Add your coffee to the rinsed filter
  3. Pour ~60g of water over the grounds to wet them and let the coffee bloom for ~60s
  4. Pour the remaining 300g of water in concentric circles, avoiding the sides of the filter
  5. Allow water to drain through completely (2m30s) & serve!

What Matt uses in the video

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