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How To Make Great Coffee At The Office - The Employee

Portable coffee makers for the office

So, you have begged and pleaded with the powers that be in your workplace. You have mentioned how coffee can increase productivity and reported its health benefits. You even created a spreadsheet and a presentation to try to drive the points home. It seems that no matter what you do, you are stuck in your office with nothing more than instant coffee and a kettle.

We feel your pain, and we agree. Something has to change. We've taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of coffee brewers that are compact, robust, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to travel with. These 5 brewers are the perfect answer to your office coffee issues.


AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go portable coffee maker for the office

Any list of portable coffee brewers would be wholly incomplete without an AeroPress in the mix, and the AeroPress Go is the ultimate pack up and go travel brewer. It also happens to be one of the most versatile coffee brewers on the market and consistently delivers spectacular coffee.

If you fancy something a little closer to espresso-style coffee, why not pair your AeroPress with a Fellow Prismo?



Nanopresso portable espresso coffee maker for the officeIt truly is quite incredible what Wacaco has done with the Nanopresso! When a pocket-sized brewer arrived on the market that claimed to be able to brew espresso-style coffee, everyone at CCB was dubious. Much to our surprise (and delight), this little brewer proved us wrong and is as close as you can get to espresso without an espresso machine!

If you're a coffee fanatic and a single espresso just won't cut it, look at adding on the Barista Kit to allow for double shots!


Delter Press

Delter press portable coffee maker for the officeDespite looking similar to an AeroPress, the Delter Press employs a fundamentally different style of brewing. If light and delicate pour-over-style coffee is your jam, then the Delter Press is definitely the office brewer for you! Conveniently designed so that you don't need all the accessories that a pour-over brewer requires, the Delter Press makes delicious coffee in a compact and convenient package, perfect for the office.

If you're looking for some coffee for your Delter Press, check out our coffees for pour-over collection.



Pipamoka portable coffee maker for the officeThe second coffee maker in this list made by Wacaco, the Pipamoka is an incredibly versatile, all in one, vacuum coffee brewer. The design of this brewer allows you to prep all your coffee at home, chuck this brewer in your bag and when you get to the office, just add hot water and brew. Once you are done you can put it back together, put it back in the bag, and only worry about cleaning it when you get home.

Versatile enough to make short, intense espresso-style coffees and longer filter coffees, the Pipamoka really does do it all! 


Clever Dripper

Abid's Clever dripper for brewing coffee in the officeIt never ceases to amaze us how little effort is needed to brew with the Clever dripper. No pieces, no plunging, no pressing - just add coffee and water, wait 3-4 min and enjoy! If you want a no-fuss, no-mess coffee brewer that delivers incredibly delicious coffee, look no further than the Clever dripper.

Don't forget to stock up on paper filters.



Manual coffee grinderA coffee grinder is an essential piece of kit for any avid coffee lover. There truly is no substitute for freshly ground coffee. If you want to take your office brews to the next level, a good grinder will make all the difference.

Hand grinders are the perfect answer to getting freshly ground coffee at the office! Check out our range of manual coffee grinders here.



Coffee making accessories

A scale is another must-have piece of equipment for the amateur barista wanting to make great coffee. Measuring your brews allows you to make sure your cup of coffee is consistent each and every time.

From scales to kettles, timers and filters, there are a number accessories that can really help take your coffee brewing to the next level, and a lot of them are small enough to carry around in your bag or keep in the office. Check out these extras that can help make sure your coffee is amazing, every time.


If all else fails, why not try to persuade your boss to help out by sending him or her our blog post for employers.


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