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Barista Cloth With Clip

Microfibre Barista Cloth With Belt Clip

R 99.00

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Cleanliness is a virtue. Don't you agree? That's true in life generally, but nowhere is it more true than behind the espresso machine. The reality is that good espresso-based drinks come from clean espresso machines, end of story. Whether in the cafe or in the kitchen, coffee & milk residue are the enemies of good coffee.

Of course, cleaning up all the time isn't the most fun part of the barista's job, so it's a great thing when you find a way just to make it that little bit easier. These handy microfibre cloths, ideally designed to clean milk residue, coffee grounds and general coffee mess, clip to your belt, meaning they're always accessible. They're also black, which means that they won't look stained and smudged. They'll help your espresso setup stay spick & span and help you look the professional barista part (even if you're an amateur).

Barista Cloth features and specifications

  • Dimensions: 500 x 300 mm
  • Microfibre
  • Snap hook for convenient attachment to a barista's belt