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Bottomless Espresso Portafilter For Gaggia Classic

Bottomless Portafilter for Gaggia Classic

R 1,119.00

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Bottomless portafilters have become all the rage in recent years among espresso fanatics. Originally designed as training tools, they have been widely adopted not only because they help you hone your barista skills, but also because they make the process of pulling a shot particularly beautiful (when you get it right).

Basically, a bottomless portafilter removes the safety net that is a set of spouts. With those removed, you can see very clearly if you tamped and distributed your coffee evenly. If you didn't, the shot will drip, or even spray all over the place. If you got it right, it will ooze out in one beautiful silky column of delicious espresso.

If you're keen to refine your barista skills, impress your friends or produce some serious social media material with your Gaggia Classic Pro Home Espresso Machine, we now have a bottomless portafilter option just for you. This one is designed specifically for your machine. Even better, it comes with a free triple-shot espresso basket!

Now it's time to focus on your tamping...

A note on distribution

If your bottomless portafilter is showing you that you're struggling with channelling, your issue may be uneven distribution in your puck. Here are some tools designed to help with that: