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Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox Large Black Assembled

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

R 599.00

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The Tubbi Knockbox was originally released in a smaller size, with the goal of offering home baristas a sturdy tool that still would look good on a kitchen counter, and avoid taking up too much space. However, Cafelat quickly realised that in the world of knock boxes, bigger actually is better (at least from a mess perspective) and so they created this larger version, still at home on kitchen counter, but also useful in a commercial context.

Made of high quality materials that are also easy to clean, it may be the perfect solution for any espresso countertop!

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox features & specifications

  • Capacity: ~40 pucks
  • Height: ~15cm
  • Top diameter: ~19cm
  • Bottom diameter: ~13cm
  • Made of ABS plastic, silicone, rubber and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable rubber removable bar for easy cleaning
  • Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark