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Nucleus Coffee Tools Compass Thermometer

Nucleus Compass Infrared Beverage Thermometer

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Temperature is important in the world of coffee. Temperature affects both the rate of extraction during brewing and the qualities we can taste when drinking a finished cup. In the latter case, this is because at warmer temperatures our taste buds are more receptive to sweet and bitter flavours. The inverse is true for sour and salty flavours, which we’ll taste more prevalently at cooler temperatures. Naturally, coffee fanatics will always benefit from paying closer attention to the temperature of their brews, and our friends over at Nucleus Coffee Tools have found a way to make this more convenient and enjoyable than ever.

About Nucleus Coffee Tools

Nucleus Coffee Tools was founded by former World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic. The subject of the film, The Coffee Man, Sestic has continued to make a mark on the world of specialty coffee long after his championship victory. He runs a roastery, ONA Coffee, as well as green coffee distributor, Project Origin. Nucleus is Sestic's newest venture, a business aiming to design cutting-edge tools and accessories to help with making and serving better coffee. The most famous of these is Sestic's distribution tool, the NCD, which has changed the way baristas work around the world.

About the Nucleus Compass Beverage Thermometer

The Compass is a freestanding thermometer able to continually measure the temperature of a cup of coffee up to one degree of accuracy and detect changes at a speed of roughly one second. In designing the device, Nucleus focused on enhancing the experience of enjoying coffee. The Compass features an adjustable stand that holds the infrared thermometer above a cup of coffee placed on its non-slip base, making it a unique and striking way to serve coffee to guests, customers (or yourself!). The drinker will be able to continuously evaluate the flavour notes they can find in the coffee against its temperature, allowing them to develop a greater appreciation for the relationship between temperature and taste, taking note of all the nuance of the coffee.

Speciality coffee businesses will find an important commercial application for this when serving higher-end coffees. Offering flavour notes to discern at different temperature ranges will create a greater appreciation for the evolving flavours by customers, and make for a memorable moment in their visit. The freestanding design means the Compass can do all this while not physically touching the coffee, avoiding any concerns about contamination or hygiene. The stand itself being adjustable means the Compass can be configured to fit all manner of mugs and glassware.

The utility doesn’t end there, either. The Compass also has an application at the brewing station: budding home baristas and professionals alike can take advantage of the thermometer to ensure they are comparing coffee samples at the same temperature, and to find what serving temperatures best bring out the highlights in their brews. Designed to fit in with modern kitchenware sensibilities, the slick design of the Compass certainly won’t look out of place among other kitchen gadgets or at the brew station in a modern café.

A striking, innovative piece of technology, the Nucleus Compass encourages developing a greater appreciation for the role of temperature in the flavour of coffee while being a beautiful bit of equipment that any aesthetic-conscious coffee lover would be proud to have amongst their setup.

Nucleus Compass Beverage Thermometer features

  • The stylish, convenient freestanding infrared thermometer allows continuous monitoring of coffee temperature without touching the surface of the coffee
  • The thermometer can also be removed from the stand for handheld use
  • The design is attractive and modern, and coffee can be served on top of the baseplate for a unique and striking drinking experience
  • Adjustable height suitable for most cups
  • Works in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Quick and accurate temperature reading

Nucleus Compass Beverage Thermometer specifications

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Material: aluminium alloy and ABS
  • Charging standard: USB Micro-B
  • Works from 0°C to 100°C

Please note that cups are not included. The Nucleus Compass battery is not designed to hold charge for long periods of time on standy (several days). We recommend charging it before using it if has been unused for some time.