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Nucleus Paragon Pour-Over Chilling Rock

Nucleus Paragon Pour-Over Extract Chilling Rocks

R 1,399.00

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Known for combining world-class design with cutting-edge science, Nucleus Coffee Tools is an established name in the specialty coffee space thanks to its bevy of versatile, innovative products and its association with former World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic.

Nucleus’s innovative Paragon brewer is the first of its kind and uses a technique called extract chilling to extract the flavours from your coffee that usually evaporate into the air during the brewing process. If you’re interested in some of the science behind this process, check out the Paragon brewer page right here.

The linchpin of the brewer is the chilling rock, a food-safe titanium-coated 304-grade stainless steel sphere. The idea is that you leave these (the Paragon Brewer comes with two in the box) in the freezer, then pull them out and set them up in the stand before you start your pour.

Thanks to a liquid gel centre, Paragon’s chilling rocks freeze relatively quickly, and two should be enough if you’re generally only brewing for yourself. But if you often find yourself brewing for multiple people, or simply brewing a lot of cups back-to-back, chances are that two rocks may not be enough. If this is a problem for you, we have a fairly easy solution: get more rocks!

Pick up this set if you want to enjoy extract-chilled pour-over and share the experience without temperature-related interruptions.

Nucleus Paragon Chilling Rock features

  • Extract chilling technology captures and retains up to 40% more aroma-volatile compounds from your brew, taking your pour-over to the next level.
  • Cutting-edge and aesthetically appealing design.
  • Food-safe titanium-coated 304-grade stainless steel outer surrounds the highly dense liquid core, keeping the rocks cool for a long time.

Nucleus Paragon Chilling Rock specifications

  • Dimensions (diameter): 34mm
  • Material: food-safe titanium-coated 304-grade stainless steel, with liquid-gel core