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Origin Coffee Roasting Las Flores Decaf 250g black bag

Origin Coffee Roasting - Colombia Las Flores Decaf

R 310.00

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Thanks to a slew of tasty decaffeinated coffees, specialty and commodity alike, these days the stigma surrounding decaf is certainly less prominent than it once was (though some do still rally to the call “death before decaf”). Origin Coffee Roasting, whose decaffeinated options are typically excellent, deserve special praise here.

As with all of their coffees, Origin begins by sourcing top-quality single-origin beans packed with flavour, which are then decaffeinated using chemical free processes that have minimal impact on taste. We like to say that Origin’s decafs aren’t simply a viable alternative to their caffeinated coffees, but coffees you’d want to enjoy in their own right (at any time of day or night!). 

This decaf comes from Las Flores, a small, family-owned farm found in Huila, one of Colombia’s most celebrated coffee producing regions. A Red Bourbon grown at ~1700 masl makes us pretty excited for this coffee to begin with, but its processing should really pique your interest. This coffee has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane method. Essentially, this involves fermenting the molasses naturally found in sugarcane (which is abundant in Colombia) to create the natural compound ethyl acetate. Green coffee beans are bathed in this compound, which dissolves roughly 97% of their caffeine content. This method eschews excessive heat, pressure, and chemical treatment, minimising changes to the coffee’s cellular structure and flavour profile. 

What makes this coffee particularly interesting is that, prior to sugarcane processing, these particular beans were subjected to anaerobic fermentation, a relatively new experimental processing technique that entails placing ripe coffee cherry in oxygen-free sealed containers and leaving them to ferment (due to the natural sugars found in the coffee fruit and seed) for several dozen hours. This can result in interesting, unique flavours, and we’re excited to now be able to taste them in a decaffeinated coffee. 

Origin’s notes

  • Flavour: Molasses, brown sugar, prunes, umami
  • Body: Velvety
  • Acidity: Stone fruit
  • Roast: Medium
  • Suggested brewing methods: AeroPress, siphon, plunger, espresso & milk, v60

Coffee details from Origin

  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Huila  
  • Farm: Las Flores (owned by the Vergara family)
  • Altitude: 1780masl
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Processing: Anaerobic fermentation + Sugarcane decaf process