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Rosetta Roastery Americas Coffee Bag

Rosetta Roastery - Colombia Ancuya Collective

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Rosetta Roastery's newest Colombian offering is bound to be a crowd pleaser, particularly for those classic profile coffee lovers, but also for more adventurous palates. Ancuya is actually a returning coffee - we enjoyed its predecessor from Rosetta about a year ago. Like the previous release, it's balanced in a way that the country's coffees are known for. It offers plenty of body & sweetness without lacking in the acidity department thanks to Rosetta's carefully crafted profile.

It has a wonderful tanginess that sometimes reminded us of lime and sometimes of apricots. Complimented by the full body and sweetness, it really is a joy in every brew method we tried it in. We'd highly encourage you to grab a bag and try it yourself in any method you enjoy.

Roaster's notes

Style: Classic | Clean & elegant, with gentle caramels & lime acidity

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn’t exist. I had him right in front of me! Nibbling on that apple; mumbling about barbershop quartets…his caramel-brown doe-eyes and gentle demeanour would’ve fooled Saint Peter himself.

Ancuya is a beautifully clean coffee, with an elegant limey core. We wanted to build on that base with layers of roast-centric maillard compounds & caramels. To do this, we slowed down the roast a fair deal mid-ramp and maintained a moderate (but sustained) ROR through to drop-out.

Coffee details

The Nariño region is a poster child for ideal coffee growing conditions. It boasts altitudes surpassing 2000m; plenty of sunshine, (but very moderate temperatures); loads of rainfall (but low humidity during harvest time), and (best of all) a broad community of small-scale quality-focussed farmers. Our Ancuya is a combined effort of farmers from the Café Occidente Co-operative - a farmers' society that has produced at least four Cup of Excellence winners over the past 12 years.

  • Producer: Members of the Ancuya Collective, part of the Cafe Occidente Co-operative
  • Region: Ancuya Municipality, Narino
  • Country: Colombia
  • Variety: Castillo & Colombia
  • Altitude: 1,900m ASL
  • Processing: Fully washed, and dried in parabolic drying tents
  • Harvest: 2017