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Timemore Crystal Eye Pour Over Dripper

Timemore Crystal Eye Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

R 265.00

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Timemore continues to prove its salt in the world of specialty coffee. The attention to detail, quality and stunning designs on all of their products make it a truly stand-out brand, and the Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper lives up to this standard.

When designing the Crystal Eye Dripper, Timemore really brought its focus to the challenges of a pour-over. One of these is the collection of fines at the point of the cone; this causes extra resistance, the brew slows down significantly (known as choking) and ultimately causes your brew to over-extract. The Crystal Eye Dripper is designed with a curved cone that has less ribbing and more flume (channels that promote flow) as you approach the bottom of the cone. This offers less resistance and allows the brew to speed up as it reaches the point of the filter, effectively working against the resistance created by the gathering of fines.

We couldn't talk about a Timemore product without bringing some attention to its beautiful aesthetic. When looking at the crystal clear materials that the 2-4 cup brewer is made from, you would be hard-pressed to believe that it isn't made of glass crystal. Despite its crystal clear and sparkling appearance, it is in fact made from high quality, BPA-free, food-grade and stain-resistant plastic, which also will offer additional heat insulation.

Don't forget to pick up paper filters for your Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper. 

Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper features & specifications

  • Size: 2-4 Cups
  • Material:  PTCG plastic
    • Food Grade
    • Heat Resistant
    • Stain Resistant
    • BPA free
  • Unique design prevents clogging and promotes an even flow of water and more even extractions
  • Beautiful and functional design
  • Works with Hario V60 paper filters and Timemore paper filters