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Urnex Espresso Cleaning Starter Kit

Urnex Espresso Cleaning Starter Kit

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Cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine & grinder is extremely important, both in terms of the quality of the coffee you brew, and the longevity of your equipment. This kit from Urnex, specialists in cleaning & maintenance products for the coffee industry, provides everything you need for your regular upkeep routine including the items mentioned below.

Cafiza Powder - 125g

Cafiza powder is specifically designed to help with back-flushing or purging your espresso machine group-head to keep it clean. This is something you should do regularly (daily on a frequently used machine). The kit comes with 125g of this product.

Grindz - 105g

Your coffee grinder also needs regular care as coffee residue and oils will build up on your burrs. This can impart unwanted flavours in your coffee and can also lead to your burrs wearing out sooner. Running Grindz through your grinder every couple of weeks will help to prevent that build-up. The kit comes with 105g of this product.

Rinza - 8 Tablets

If you're using your milk steaming wand regularly, diligently cleaning that is also important, as milk residue can easily build up. The kit comes with 8 Rinza tablets for that purpose.

Scoopz Brush

Last but certainly not least, the Scoopz brush has angled bristles specifically designed for cleaning out your group-head. This is a great addition to your regular back-flushing routine with Cafiza and the brush also includes a dosing spoon for that product on the bottom end of the handle.