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Wega Atlas Commercial Espresso Machine

Wega Atlas Commercial Espresso Machine

R 78,105.00

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Wega espresso machines have been at the forefront of the coffee industry, throughout South Africa and in many other parts of the world. The Italian brand prides itself on manufacturing reliable and robust commercial espresso machines and you'll spot them on espresso bars in many cafes across the country.

The Wega Atlas is a simple but highly effective commercial espresso machine designed to deliver high volumes of consistent espresso. Offering multiple programmable doses per group, and electronically controlled volumetric dosing, the Wega Atlas is an espresso workhorse, consistently delivering great espresso with no fuss.

The Atlas espresso machines can also be retrofitted to operate on gas. Not only does this make it a great option for a mobile coffee operation, but with the long standing issues of load shedding in South Africa, the Atlas can provide the security that you'll be slinging espressos without interruption, no matter the circumstances.

The Atlas comes standard with a water cooled pump to prevent over heating as well as flanged boilers for improved serviceability and cleaning. These features, alongside Wega's longstanding history of top quality service and support in South Africa, make the Atlas a machine that is here to last, keeping you and your customers happy well into the future.

Wega Atlas commercial espresso machine features

  • Built in rotary pump
  • E61 group heads 
  • 2x High power steam wands (2 group version)
  • 1x Hot Water Spout
  • Automatic water refilling (connected to water mains)
  • Site level glass to monitor water levels
  • Reliable steel build
  • High capacity copper boilers
  • Water cooled pump to prevent over heating
  • Flanged boilers allow easy access for improved serviceability and cleaning
  • Can be run on gas for mobile and off grid operations (pump must still run on electricity)
  • Cup warming area
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Electromechanical switches per group (EPU Semi-Auto Version)
  • 4 Programmable volumetric doses per group (EVD Auto Version)

Wega Atlas commercial espresso machine specifications

2 Group Compact 2 Group  3 Group
Voltage 230-240-400V 230-240-400V 230-240-400V
Power 3000W
3700W 5300W
Boiler size 7L 12L 17L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 53 x 57 x 52 cm 74 x 57 x 52 cm 98 x 57 x 52 cm
Nett Weight  65kg 78kg 111kg
Gross Weight 70kg 84kg 120kg