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Yama Halogen Beam Heater For Tabletop Siphons

Yama Halogen Beam Heater For Tabletop Siphons

R 6,999.00

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Tabletop siphon coffee makers are an elegant and effective way to brew delicious coffee, both at home and in a commercial context. Providing a spectacular show, as much as a delicious cup, it's no wonder that they're one of our most popular types of coffee makers among experienced pro and amateur baristas.

Most tabletop siphons come with an alcohol burner, and many people will upgrade to a butane burner, but if you use your siphon frequently, refilling your burner can become a bit of a chore. This Yama Halogen Beam Heater addresses that problem, providing an ideally suited, adjustable heat source that you can use almost indefinitely, save for the occasional need to replace a halogen bulb (a spare one of which comes with the beam heater).

Yama Halogen Beam Heater features & specifications

  • Works with 3 cup and 5 cup tabletop siphons
  • Provides an adjustable and consistent heat source
  • Weights ~2kg
  • Includes an extra bulb
  • Base measurement: ~ 20cm x 20cm
  • Height: ~18cm