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Equipment & Accessories Available During Lockdown Level 4

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Everything is now available!

As of May 14th, 2020, all items are now available for dispatch during Lockdown Level 4 and below! You are not limited to what is on this page.

As a food product, coffee beans are available for dispatch at all levels of lockdown. Unfortunately, we are restricted in terms of what else we're allowed to dispatch. Our next planned dispatches will be at Lockdown Level 4. Based on our current understanding of the regulations, that includes coffee filters (as ancillary products), cleaning chemicals, as well as "Hardware, components and supplies," which we take to mean spare and replacement parts, as well as tools for maintenance. Please find those items that we are able to dispatch below.

Please note that any orders that contain items other than these and coffee beans, will only be dispatched when we are legally allowed to do so. Currently, we understand that all items can be sold online from Lockdown Level 3. In the meantime, we would sincerely appreciate any pre-orders you can place and will dispatch them as soon as we possibly clean.