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Waeco 2L Milk Fridge in Silver

Waeco 2L Milk Fridge For Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

R 3,449.00

Keeping milk at the right temperature is very important in the world of coffee. As everyone knows, warm milk will spoil pretty quickly, but you might also be surprised to hear that warm milk produces poorer quality milk foam! For those two very important reasons, we would always suggest using a separate milk fridge with your bean to cup coffee machine, and this one from Waeco is ideal for use with small office machines.

The Waeco milk fridge is roomy enough to hold up to 2L of milk in cartons despite its small footprint, and it's powerful enough to keep the milk at 18-20ºC below the ambient temperature. It includes spout holes through which you can pass the tube to connect to your coffee machine, and also comes with plugs to use when the fridge is not connected to the machine. Buy one for use with any bean to cup coffee machine that has a tube milk connection (most machines).

Waeco Milk Fridge Features & Specifications

  • Cooling performance up to 18-20°C below ambient temperatures (as low as ~1ºC)
  • Non-wearing thermoelectric for longevity
  • High-performance fan for continuous operation
  • Internal light
  • Up to 2L Capacity (2 cartons)
  • Comes with long milk tube
  • Holes for milk tubes on both sides (can connect two machines)
  • L: 32cm x W: 20cm x D: 25cm

Recommended For

You can use the Waeco Milk Fridge with any number of bean to cup, fully automatic coffee machines, but we specifically recommend it for the following:

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