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WMF 1200S Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 1200S Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - Medium Office

R 70,110

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While perfectly at home in a small hotel or restaurant, WMF's 1200S is also the ideal solution for medium-sized offices that really care about the quality of their coffee but can't hire a barista. At the push of a button, you can make a wide variety of coffee beverages, customised to the parameters of your taste and the specific coffee you're using. The brewing variables are completely adjustable and with all of WMF's bean to cups, the quality of the milk froth is the best we've seen made by a machine.

The WMF 1200S can comfortably make 100 cups per day, even if those are mostly during peak coffee hours (e.g. morning rushes) thanks to a fast brewing time. You can customise the machine with various options including a second coffee grinder, a chocolate hopper or an external milk cooler, meaning that you can design the perfect beverage solution for your requirements.

Standard WMF 1200S Features

  • 4L Water Tank
  • 500g coffee bean hopper
  • Built in single touch Easy Milk frother
  • Hot water dispenser
  • ~35s brewing time
  • Zero Energy Function when off (conserves electricity)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Makes a variety of customisable coffee beverages

    WMFS 1200S Optional Additions

    • 500g chocolate hopper (see drop down menu for pricing)
    • Fixed water supply (see drop down menu for pricing)
    • An onsite preventative maintenance contract which extends the warranty to 2 years (R495/month ex VAT)
    • A WMF 3.5L Milk Fridge to keep ample milk available at the perfect temperature
    • A WMF water filter (if using tank)

    WMF 1200S Specifications

    • Recommended for ~100 cups per day (max hourly output)
    • Coffee bean hopper: ~500g
    • Chocolate hopper (optional): ~500g
    • Dimensions (width / height / depth): 324 / 682 / 553 mm
    • Water supply: Water tank (approx. 4 liter) or fixed water supply
    • Empty weight depending on configuration: ~33kg

    Leasing Options Available

    Buyers of a WMF bean to cup coffee machine may be eligible for financing options, allowing the cost of the machine and accessories purchased with it to be spread over a period of up to 36 months. If this is of interest, please let us know when you get in touch.

    * Subject to approval by financing partners

    Start With A Free Demo!

    If you live in a main centre, we may be able to organise a free demo of a WMF machine for you. Please just contact us using the form on this page to find out more and see if a demo is available in your area.