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WMF 900 Sensor Titan

WMF 900 Sensor Titan Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - Home / Small Office

R 33,060

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From WMF, the leaders in commercial and hospitality fully automatic coffee equipment, the 900 Sensor Titan is the best possible bean to cup coffee machine for a home or small office where convenience is important. Built to the same quality as their higher end machines, the WMF 900 Sensor Titan comes in a smaller, all-in-one form factor that will fit in on most kitchen counters, and is ideal for brewing ~35 cups of coffee per day.

The WMF 900 S can make 8 different beverages with a single touch of a button including espresso, latte and café crème (cappuccino). It also features an easy to use LCD display and the ability to brew two coffees at once with its double spout, making it perfect for those early morning coffee rushes.

The quality of coffee extraction that the WMF 900 Sensor Titan offers is unrivalled in its class, and in addition to the high quality brewing and grinding capacity, it also offers a few special features that most small bean to cup machines do not. It includes the WMF Steam Jet that allows you to pre-warm a cup in seconds. It also has a jug function that allows you to brew up to 8 cups of café crème at once - ideal for breakfasts or meetings where a few people want coffee.

The WMF 900 S will prompt when it needs cleaning, and is also highly programmable, letting you customise variables like coffee strength, water temperature and the amount of milk to use. You can even choose between four different eco modes for power saving! To find out more or place an order for the ideal fully automatic coffee machine for homes or small offices, please fill out the contact form on this page.

WMF 900 Sensor Titan Feature Summary

  • Touch screen operation for multiple beverage types
  • Jet Stream cup warming
  • Single touch operation
  • Double cup serving (brew two at once)
  • Jug function (brew 8-cup jug of café crème)
  • Low-noise disc grinder
  • Programmable coffee strength, cup filling quantity and portion of milk
  • Separate hot water outlet
  • Heated cup tray
  • Automatic flushing & cleaning
  • WMF Connect & Clean patented milk system
  • Zero energy function with 4 eco modes
  • 1 year warranty

Optional additions

The WMF 900 Sensor Titan comes with everything that you need to make delicious coffee. For higher volume, office use, we would encourage you to consider:

  • An onsite preventative maintenance contract which extends the warranty to 2 years (R495/month ex VAT)
  • A Waeco Milk Fridge to keep ample milk available at the perfect temperature

WMF 900S Specifications

  • 6g to 15g programmable brewing chamber coffee dose
  • 67mm to 141mm adjustable spout height
  • 15 bar high performance pump
  • 250g bean hopper
  • 2.2L water tank
  • ~20 cup used coffee ground container
  • ~15kg weight
  • Dimensions: 305 W x 400 H x 443 D (mm)