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What Type Of Home Brewer Are You

Home Brewer

The original idea for this blog post was "what do you actually need to brew great coffee at home", but after half a paragraph and 3 bullet points, the blog was finished. The reality is, as much as we all love our fancy toys and brewers, and a lot of us enjoy nerding out on coffee science, you need very few things to make great coffee at home.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of the different types of home brewer you can be and what your set ups might look like. With a bit variable control and good quality fresh coffee beans, all these home brew set ups will deliver a delicious cup of coffee! The question is, how deep down the coffee rabbit hole have you gone?

The No Frills Brewer

Early Morning French Press CoffeeYou wake up, and you want coffee. It's as simple as that. You want it fast, you want it simple, and you want it to taste damn good. Well, now is the time to dig out that dusty old french press in the back of your cupboard! The french press is like that old uncle at family gatherings who, despite being quite dated and a bit dusty, he always brings a spot of joy, and everyone loves him!

What is needed:

If you want to go into a little more detail, check out our french press brew guide here.

The Discerning Consumer

Aeropress Press Close Up Droplets So, you've dabbled in coffee a fair bit, you have your favourite roaster, you love your Aeropress, and you understand that, with a little bit of attention to detail, your coffee can be amazing! You have nailed your recipe; it's part of your daily routine, and it brings you a little bit of joy every morning! The Aeropress is your best friend, and it delivers, without fail, every time!

What is needed:

The Aeropress is an amazing brewing device. It is practical, easy and versatile. If you love your Aeropress and want to do even more with it, check out our brew guide on how to make an Aeropress for two.

The Coffee Nerd

Hario V60 Brew Set UpYou are really into coffee! You probably have quite a few different brewers at home. You love getting into the minutia of each and every brew. You've probably thought about competing the brewers cup or the Aeropress championships - maybe you even have competed. No doubt, this love affair with home brewed coffee began with the Hario V60 dripper.

What is needed:

Many specialty coffee connoisseurs and master home brewers began their coffee journey with the Hario V60. Why not check out how CCB brews a V60 with our brew guide.

The Coffee Hipster

Minimalist Chemex Close UpLet's be honest with ourselves here; a lot of the coffee equipment you see out there is gorgeous. While each of the items on the list below is no doubt at the top of its class in quality and will definitely add value to your brews, there is almost always a more affordable option. Having said that, if you are the type of coffee brewer who is looking for the best of the best and a designer brew set up, to match your designer kitchen, then look no further.

What is needed:

Forgive the sass, I am probably just jealous that I don't have a set-up this beautiful in my kitchen! If this is you, I imagine you don't need a brew guide - but why not check out our blog on seven factors that influence coffee's flavour

The Newbie Barista

Swan Latte Art Flat WhiteFrom the moment you received that first flat white with a perfect rosetta in it, you wanted more. You had your first sip and the sweet and delicate but deliciously creamy drink was almost overwhelming. This is now all that you drink, and you have been spending your days perfecting those espresso shots and that latte art!

What is needed:

If you have started down this journey and you need some guidance, we have put together a beginner's guide to making espresso!

The Prosumer

Rocket Apartmento Home Espresso Set UpYou remember the good old days back in college when this coffee obsession started. At first, it was just to keep you awake through exams, but 6 months later, you were wearing flannel shirts and slinging espressos in your local corner cafe. It was the early days of the third wave coffee revolution, and everyday was exciting. Unfortunately, college came to an end, and you had to get that career rolling, but there is a little corner of nostalgia in your kitchen in the form of a nice little espresso set-up. You already know all the tips and tricks, and you love to impress your dinner guests, but at the end of the day, this is your little corner of joy.

What is needed:

You don't need anything else. You've got it all: The palate, the skills, the passion. You're a coffee darling and you still dream of opening that third wave cafe in the hipster quarter some day.

The Completely Coffee Obsessed And Maybe A Little Bit Mad

Perfect Espresso Shot ExtractionI have yet to come across one of you but I have no doubt that you exist! You are mad about coffee and nothing will get in the way of your pursuit of the perfect shot of espresso. You don't drink milk in your coffee, and you don't mess around. This is business.

What is needed:

If this is you, and you love to totally geek out on espresso, check out Matt Pergers guide to dialling in espresso. It might be just the thing you need to get that perfect shot.

Where do you fit into the wonderful world of coffee? Comment and let us know what kind of home brewer you are and don't forget to share your home brews with us on social media! We always love to see what you guys are brewing at home!


Hi and thank you for the entertaining post! As for the daily routine,
I find myself the No Frills variety most of the time. My current
workhorse is a lime-green 1l Bodum Chambord (yes, I know, the plastic
lid isn’t as classy as the metal one, but the color fits nicely with
my other kitchen utensils). The adventure with french presses was
inspired by frequent visits to a now-defunct coffee shop in Warsaw,
called simply “The Barista”. Having drunk the french press Kool-Aid, I
bought one in Duka, but lost it soon after in a kitchen
accident. After that came some no-name-but-satisfactory model, where
the piston did not fit the glass very well. After a while I had a
chance to use the Chambord at a friend’s house. This helped me make up
my mind and we’ve been largely inseparable ever since. My other
methods include a moka pot – the coffee here is a bit too thick and
oily for my taste, so I usually dilute it with hot water or,
sometimes, with whisky. Finally, I sometimes think about expanding my
repertoire and either buying a Chemex (I just love the design), or
something completely outlandish like the Hario Syphon Mocha – mostly
to see the look on my friends’ faces when they see it in action
:). The question of making good coffee has been important to me for
many years now, but the isolation of recent weeks re-evaluated that
once more. Being more or less forced to stay at home (Poland is not in
full lockdown mode (yet)), I find it uplifting and refreshing to have
one essential part of my life intact. Coffee helps me stay focused and
optimistic. I wish this optimism to all of us, because we need it so
desperately now. Good luck and let’s hope for a better world emerging
from this chaos!

Posted by Wojciech Gac on April 01, 2020

I’d love to hear how you describe the Bialetti Mokapot users..?

Posted by Heinro Malan on April 06, 2020

Have you got any clever dippers?

Posted by Margie on April 06, 2020

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